The Parish Council are grateful to members of the village who attended the Coffee morning, the Village AGM and subsequent Parish Council meeting. Hearing your views has helped in the shaping of our response.



Annual General Meeting and Parish Council meeting held on May 14th 2019. 

The following planning application was discussed:- 


The Street Darsham – erection of 26 residential dwellings with access, car parking and open space. 

Result of discussion - 

Darsham Parish Council object and oppose this application in the strongest possible terms. This decision [taken at the meeting on 14th May 2019] was unanimous with all 9 Coucillors rejecting the application. 

To ascertain the thoughts of the village a ballot for parishioners was undertaken. 68 ballots were cast, the result of this was - 67 AGAINST with 1  for.   

As can plainly be seen by these figures this application DOES NOT have the support of the Council or members of the village. 

The rationales behind this objection are laid out below - 

  • This is a speculative application as the applicant does not own the land 

  • The parcel of land is not currently in the Local Plan or village envelope 

  • The Suffolk Coastal Local Plan [SCLP] states ‘There is no indication that landowners will not bring the site forward. If landowners do not bring this site forward, there will be sufficient housing delivered as the SCLP has over-allocated, provided the majority of other applications are delivered. Actions around housing delivery would be identified through a Housing Action Plan if appropriate.’ 

  • The SCLP identifies the potential to build 10,341 dwellings without recourse to building in Darsham. It is noted that the SCLP unfairly discriminates against Darsham with the projection of building 145 new dwellings when areas such as Bramfield has a zero allocation. In fact of the ‘small villages’ within the plan Darsham has the highest [1.5%] allocation. To put this in perspective were this figure applied to Ipswich it would entail building over 20,000 new dwellings. 

  • The application is in complete contradiction to SCLP 5.2, which states, ‘development in small villages to be as a small group of dwellings of scale appropriate to the size, location and character of the village’ 

  • Darsham Parish Council have TWICE objected to this proposal through their consultation responses to the SCLP. 

  • The application [if granted] has the potential to ‘split the village, with one end consisting of new houses whilst the other end would consist of older, more traditional buildings. This ‘split’ could/would destroy a strong and vibrant community 

  • Darsham has undergone 4 years of disruption [currently still ongoing] with the previous Hopkins Homes development [Millfields] and the current development at Cheyne Green. It is time to halt this blight on village life. 

  • Traffic flow in the village has suffered during the time of building with contractor’s vehicles blocking the road thus creating the potential to endanger life as emergency services would have difficulty accessing life threatening situations 

  • There appears to be no traffic management plan in the application so we assume if consent is given this situation will continue. The Street is also used by public transport [a bus route] by the mobile library and by refuse collection vehicles. 

  • Associated with the above points is the potential danger to pedestrians. 

  • The proposed entrance/exit road to the new estate will form a staggered cross roads with The Street and Fox lane thus creating a potential accident black spot 

  • The proposed entrance/exit road is also directly in line with the entrance to an existing house, this entrance was subject to Highways involvement as the splay had to be enhanced for safety reasons, surely the same logic must apply to the application content 

  • The application is in direct contradiction to the Darsham Village Plan 

  • The application is in contradiction to SCLP 5.2 which details developments in small villages 

  • The application represents an abnormal increase in the village housing stock 

  • The development is NOT needed as SCLP already acknowledges more site have been identified than are actually needed 

  • Current developments are not in structural keeping with the village and the application does not include buildings which enhance a small rural village 

  • The application is being made for a parcel of land not within the SCLP, though there are proposals to amend this, but no decision has been taken. Any decision taken will be outside the time limit for responses to the application. This action represents a departure from SCLP 12.49 

  • The application does nothing to address the issue of affordable housing or encouraging 'young first-time buyers’ to the area, in fact the number of 4/5 bedroom houses will encourage ‘second home’ purchases or holiday let purchases 

  • The scale of the proposal is out of all proportion to the village, it should be noted that the application indicates more houses being built on a smaller site that the previous Hopkins Homes [Millfields] development 

  • The impact on the natural environment would be devastating and final, there would be no returning. Currently Turtle Doves [a breed of bird facing extinction] inhabit the area along with rare species of butterfly and newts can be found in the pond. 

  • The Oak trees along the hedgerow adjoining the proposed site have Tree Preservation Orders on them and are older than the application states. 

  • The proposed development [and proposals in the surrounding area] would have an impact on the local infrastructure, eg. GP surgeries, education. 


Darsham Parish Council and members of the village object to, and oppose this application. 



Darsham Parish Council 

15th May 2019