The below message has been received by the Parish Council giving an update of crime reporting and the use of the 101 telephone system.

This is reproduced for the information of all.


Hello All,

During the course of the summer, the Halesworth Safer Neighbourhood Team have attended a number of community engagements and spoken to many in our communities about the policing issues affecting them. One of the most frequently discussed subjects is that of the use of the 101 telephone number and the waiting times sometimes imposed on callers.

 The 101 system was updated earlier this year so that, once a call has been taken it is placed in a queue; the place in that queue determined by the type of incident being reported. Should a later call be taken, reporting a more serious matter needing a quicker response, the later call is placed further up the queue, sometimes taking precedence over the less serious calls, despite those less serious calls having been reported earlier. This has lead to  mixed experiences using the 101 system, with some members of the public telling us they have not had a problem with it, getting through straight away, while others have had a poor experience, kept waiting a long time, depending on the range of incident types reported.


Should you be approached by your parishioners / members and asked to report something on their behalf or engage in conversation with somebody telling you they have had a poor experience using 101, please could you bear in mind the alternative method of crime reporting which can be done on-line from the Suffolk Constabulary website using this link

 This is for the same crime types as the 101 number, i.e. Non-urgent, previously occurred crimes / incidents. Anything being observed in real-time where somebody’s’ welfare or property is at risk should always be notified to police using the 999 telephone number. If you’re in doubt whether to use 999, do so anyway & let the call taker determine the urgency.

 Should somebody wish to update police about an existing or on-going investigation, this too can be reported on-line using this alternative link