This month’s plant is Camassia Leichtlinii. It has lovely creamy star-like flowers that have real presence and grace. There is a blue variety that flowers earlier but I prefer the white which stands 3 feet tall.
It is ideally suited to our Darsham clay, soils preferring damp conditions, being easy to grow and lighting up an otherwise dark corner.


Anthriscus sylvestris, commonly known as Cow parsley, is my plant for this month. It seemed an appropriate choice owing to the war being raged against it by the dreaded Alexanders( Smyrnium olusatrum). Oh and its prevalence at Chelsea Flower Show this year.
It likes a sunny to semi-shady location, tolerating most soil types.Its frothy white blooms are synonymous with our English springtime.
I grow a hybrid which has a particularly attractive purple stem and does not spread as the parent-plant might do in a cultivated setting.