Village Sign depicting a train   A union Jack flag

On Thursday 2nd June 2022 the Darsham Parish Council hosted a Platinum Jubilee tea to celebrate the 70 years of the Queen's reign. This was organised by a large team of volunteers from the village together with help from the Fox pub.

Some partygoers and volunteers   Villagers in the marquee

Over 200 villagers and friends attended on a beautiful sunny day.

A group of villagers drinking  Two arranged flower displays

We all enjoyed afternoon tea and plenty of cake. as well as a competition for the best Jubilee themed hat.

A arrangement of flowers in a vase  The Darsham Jubilee mugs presented to the children of the village
 A celebratory mug was presented to all Darsham resident children under the age of 12.
 A total £617 was raised and donated to the Red Cross.

Photography courtesy of Mick Deats

A lady cuts the Jubilee cake  A family standing outside the village hall

A family group inside the marquee

Villagers on the village green  Inside the marquee


A baby asleep in a pushchair  A family outside the village hall


Volunteers and partygoers inside the village hall. A table laden with food  Lady inside village hall serving drinks


Tables and seated people on the green  Picnic benches on the green with people enjoying food and drink


People seated at a table  Villagers inside the marquee


A table laden with cakes inside the hall  A group of children inside the marquee


Interior shot of village hall with partygoers  A group of children inside the marquee


A young boy inside the marquee  A young boy holding a Jubilee mug  A group of villagers outside the marquee standing on the Green  The Jubilee Cake on a table


A couple with the Jubilee Cake on a table outside the Hall  Inside the Hall a volunteer serving a partygoer


On the Green a table laden with Jubilee mugs  A group of people standing outside the village hall


A group of people outside the Hall, a lady wears a Jubilee hat  More partygoers outside the Hall


Groups of people on the Green seated at tables  A lady walks two dogs on leads on the Green


Two men wearing Jubilee hats at a table on the Green  A man inside the Hall


  Two people stand outside the Hall in sunshine  The Jubilee cake inside the village hall on a table with a Union Jack tablecloth


A large group on the Green   A large group on the Green, mostly seated at tables in the sunshine

Inside the Hall a table laden with cakes  Small children play inside the Hall


A large Group of partygoers on the Green, with picnic benches and cottages beyond  A large poster on the wall of Hall displaying Coronation Day 1953


A single man stands proudly at the Jubilee display   

A large group of people on the Green, seated at picnic benches  A group of four inside the Hall


A group of three inside the hall  Groups of people on  the village green seated at picnic benches


Groups of people seated at picnic benches on the Green with the marquee beyond  A seated group on the green with cottages beyond


A group seated at a picnic bench smiling in the sunshine  A large group of people on the Green, seated at picnic benches


A family outside the village hall  A group of people stand outside the hall


A large group of people on the Green, seated at picnic benches  A large group of people on the Green, seated at picnic benches, children playing


A large group of people on the Green, seated at picnic benches  Volunteers serving drinks and food in the marquee on the Green