All Saints Church Darsham

 Darsham is one of the eight parishes within the Yoxmere Confederation.

Rector & Rural Dean, the Revd. Christine Redgrave, The Rectory, The Street, Darsham. IP17 3QA. Tel: 01728 667095.

Simon Knott ( wrote of Darsham Church "I had left it a long time to come back to Darsham ....... I stepped into a Church which felt bright and alive, full of light ....... the walls were immaculate. This was a Church which had been very much loved and cared for ......" 

The Chancel door curtain, made recently by ladies of the village for the Harvest Skills Festival, shows twelve village scenes which were produced using original photographs from the local archive. These may be viewed by clicking here, or on the link in the sidebar. 

The Parish Church is used for a wide variety of services at which both traditional and modern liturgies are used. The Church of All Saints's pattern of services forms part of the overall offering of worship within the eight parishes of the Confederation. Many events take place which draw considerable public support.

All Church activities are scheduled in the Parish Magazine called ' The Yoxmere Fisherman,' copies of which are available free in Church.

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Copies of the Darsham Local History Trilogy are available to be purchased.  Further details about these, and how to order can be obtained via the link on the sidebar.