Keep out of the heat if you can especially between the hours of 11am-3pm.

Avoid exercise or activity that makes you hotter.

Wear sunscreen and light clothing. 

If it's safe to do so open windows early in the morning to allow stored heat to escape the building, then close during the day.

Open the windows at night when the temperature has gone down.

Cool yourself down with cold drinks, cold food, avoid excessive alcohol, caffeine, hot drinks.

Have a cool shower or put water on your skin. 

Watch out for signs of Heatstroke/Heat Exhaustion




                                        Feeling sick or being sick.

                                        Fast breathing/fast heartbeat.


                                        Excessive sweating/skin clammy and pale.

                                        High temperature. 


Steps to manage heatstroke:

1 Move them, if possible, to a cool area.

2 Remove all unnecessary clothing like a jacket or socks.

3 Get them to drink a sports drink, rehydration drink or sip water.

4 Cool their skin, spray or sponge with cool water. A cool pack placed on the neck or armpits helps.

They should recover in around 30 mins

Ring 111 or go online if you need further help or advice.