Darsham Books Still Available


The PCC has published a trilogy of books relating to the history of the village and these are available for purchase as shown below.

The fourth book, and the third in the Darsham village trilogy, 'Before the Rising Sun' was released on 3rd August 2013; by Richard Ginn, Ronald Reeve and Andrew Campbell, this book details the history of education in the parish and contains a wealth of information about the village school, its teachers and pupils.

The PCC published a third book, written by the Local History Recorder, Ron Reeve and called "When Constabulary Duty's to Be Done", the book tells how in 1914, the small county of East Suffolk suddenly became a militarised zone, was bombed from the air, bombarded from the sea and how this affected the people and how the East Suffolk Police dealt with situations previously unimagined.

The second Darsham local history book The Watch that Ends the Night has been favourably reviewed by the Suffolk Local History Council:

"We are taken from Domesday to the Millennium with tales of the fortunes of the people of Darsham, their struggles with the land and the weather, the coming of the railway, education and life in a rural community. Liberally illustrated with photographs and information gleaned from well-researched sources, including Subsidy Returns of 1524, to records of Blything Workhouse, to the National Farm Survey of 1941. This book will be appreciated by local and family historians with an interest in the village of Darsham"

Ordering Details:

Mr R. Reeve, 10, Fairfields, Darsham, Suffolk. IP17 3PY. Tel; 01728 668535


Prices (please make cheques payable to Darsham PCC):

Before the Rising Sun: £8.00 + P&P £1.35 = Total £9.35

When Constabulary Duty's to Be Done: £8.00 + P&P £1.50 = Total £9.50

The Watch that Ends the Night: £7 + P&P £1.35 = Total £8.35

An Evening Gone - £8 + £1.35 p&p.

The three books available at a discount price of £20.