Community Orchard


Orchard For the Allotments

The Suffolk Coast & Heaths AONB has received funding for a "Scattered Orchard" project for the planting of traditionally grown fruit and nut trees of local origin within or close to the ANOB.

The aim is to provide an investment for the future that will enrich the biodiversity of the villages, add a local point of interest and provide a small community harvest as well as re-instating traditional fruit trees (in particular Suffolk/Essex varieties)

We, in Darsham, were initially awarded five trees to be planted on the village land adjacent to the allotments but this number has now increased to eight, as some surrounding villages were unable to accommodate all their trees. Along with the trees we received supports, protectors and weed matting as well as advice on pruning etc.

A small group of volunteers has formed an Orchard Project team to take on the responsibility of planting, maintaining and pruning all the trees in the Orchard area. Further volunteers would be more than welcome and should contact Jasmine Backhouse, Darsham Tree Warden on 01728 668059.

Also if anyone with a local connection would like to donate further suitable trees to add to the project they should again contact Jasmine.


On Tuesday 2nd March 2017 the latest phase of planting for the orchard took place.

A further 18 trees were added, bringing the total of trees to 41. There is room for maybe a further 10-15 trees which could be added in the future.

The Parish Council would like to pass on their thanks to :-

1) Darsham Nurseries for donating 7 trees and to Aaron for help and advice.

2) Botanical Nurseries for help and advice.

3) Robin Leggate for donating posts, tree protectors and tags for the new trees.

4) Mike Backhouse for donating matting and pegs for all 41 trees and also for producing labels showing the source and variety of each tree.

5) All volunteers who showed up on the day for donating and helping plant the new trees.

Ongoing assistance with watering, weeding and general maintenance would be much appreciated, please coordinate though Cllr Jasmine Backhouse (01728 668059)