Planning Applications

The Planning Authority for the area is Suffolk Coastal District Council

Darsham Parish Council is consulted about all planning matters and gives it opinion on applications. Each one is discussed at the monthly council meeting where members of the public are often given a chance to air their views.

Applications for all Suffolk Parishes can be searched by    Clicking Here

The current and recent planning applications for the parish are listed below, once selected click on the Documents tab and all details can be viewed including letters of objection or support written to the planners.


DC/16/2533/FUL  Glebe Lea, Brussels Green, IP17 3RN.  Erection of detached dwelling.    View Application  Application Permitted

DC/16/3489/AME  North Paddock, Priory Lane.  Non material ammendment to DC/14/3538/FUL (Erection of one dwelling) to allow alterations to side living room projection to add bedroom at first floor with dormer windows and assorted internal alterations.  View Application  Application Permitted

DC/16/3677/DRC  Hill Farm, Lymballs Lane, IP17 3QH.  Discharge of condition 4 on application DC/16/2363/LBC Change of existing outbuilding to holiday let or annex for dependent relative, and extention to existing garage. New Drawings submitted.  View Application  Application Permitted

DC/16/4125/FUL  Rolletts, Westleton Rd, IP17 3BS.  Extensions and alterations.  View Application  Application Permitted

DC/16/5441/COU  Prior Farm, Priory Lane, IP17 3QD.  Change of use of an agricultural building to a dwelling house with garage and storage.   View Application   View Associated Application    Appliication Permitted                 

DC/17/0441/FUL  Darsham Level crossing, A12, IP17 3PN.  Instalation of red light safety equipment on approach to Darsham Level Crossing.  View Application Application permitted

DC/17/0653/DRC  Glebe Lea, Brussels Green, IP17 3RN.  Discharge of conditions 3, 4, 10 & 12 on application DC/16/2533/FUL (see above)   View Application   Application Permitted

DC/17/1148/FUL  Land at Ash Spring Game Farm, Westleton Rd, IP17 3PR.  Change of use of land for siting of temporary accommodation to supervise a game rearing unit.  View Application

DC/17/1267/FUL  1 Green Farm Cottages, Brussels Green, IP17 3RN.  Erection of small wooden greenhouse in front garden. View Application     Application Permitted

DC/17/1413/FUL  Land West & South of Rolletts, Westleton Road, IP17 3BS. Creation of wildlife pond.  View Application  Application Permitted

DC/17/1822/FUL  Marsh View Farm, Westleton Rd, IP17 3BP.  Open sided extension to existing agricultural storage building.  View Application    Application Permitted    

DC/17/1517/AME  North Paddock, Priory Lane. Errection of one dwelling (DC/14/3538/FUL) ASmmendment to roofing material.  View Application    Application Permitted

DC/17/2289/VOC  Prior Farm, Priory Lane, IP17 3QD. Change of use, agricultural building to one dwelling (DC/16/5441/COU) Variations of conditions.   View Application   Application Permitted

DC/17/2875/FUL  Caravan & Camping Park, Mill Hill Farm, Westleton Rd IP17 3BS   Reinstatement of former vehiclar access to facilitate seperate sit entrance and exit  View Application   Application Permitted

DC/17/2993/FUL  Vine Cottage, Brussels Green IP17 3RN,  Demolish existing lean-to-utility room and build new single story side extension.   View Application  

DC/17/3288/FUL  Isle House, Brussels Green, IP17 3RN,  Erection of detached annex and formation of vehicular access (existing access to be blocked up). View Application