Darsham in World War II

Much is published on the toll paid by the cities of the UK during the second world war, However the villages of the UK also paid a heavy price in the loss of its residents and the difficulties of war time living. Darsham was no exception.

Within its boundary was located R.A.F. High Street which made a large impact on the village. A B17 Flying Fortress crashed near to Darsham Station adding to the general fear of living during such times.

Those who were unable to serve in the armed forces were able to join the Home Guard. A picture of the Darsham Home Guard is published below. If anyone is able to fill in the missing names, the History Recorder will be happy to hear from you.

Further details and pictures of RAF High Street, the B17 plane crash and the lives of Darsham people can be viewed on the links to this page. However when victory came in 1945 the village knew how to celebrate. A celebration event was held one year after VE Day.