Old Darsham in Pictures


Darsham Street in 1888 from a Watercolour by William Brooke


The Street 1900


The shop 1920 - 25 


The Street 1950


The Street 1953


The Post Office Pre 1939


The Shop & Post Office 1975



Church Corner 1900


Church Corner 1930s


High Street (A12) c1900 Try walking a pram down the centre of the road today!

High Street (A12) c1987


The Fox c1970s

The Fox 1984

The Fox 1987

Chapel Cottages restoration 1988


The Old Forge 1906 / 08 James Danford the Blacksmith is just left of fold

The Old Forge for sale in 1985

The Old Forge 1991


Apron Hill, The Street c 1890 - 1900. believed to be Mary Ann Hacon wife of William Hacon of Low Rd and her mother Sarah Ann Berry

The Street from the top of the Church Tower 1960


The Street from the top of the Church Tower 1990

Lawn Cottages Low Rd c1900

Lawn Cottages Low Rd c1900

Lawn Cottages Low Rd 1985

Lawn Cottages Low Rd 1991


Rose Cottage, Low Rd 1907. Children believed to be Freddie Flegg and two of his four sisters

Rose Cottage, Low Rd Unknown Date


Harley Cottage Low Rd 1923. Ambrose Mann and his wife Alma (seated) with her sister Laura Cauty


Site of Fairfields 1950s

Site of Fairfields 1950s

Fairfields 1991


Glebe Lea, The Wash 1986


Kerridge & Son c1967

Kerridge & Son 2001



Some pictures of Darsham from the Air 



Gravel Pit Cottages, now Rolletts, Westleton Rd

The Shop area 1964

High St A12. Bt 1955 - 60

The Street 1979 - 1980

The Station & Granary Cottages 1979 - 1980

The Street & Priory Farm 1987

Low Rd towards the Church 1987

Brussels Green 1987

Fairfields & The Church 1987



And Finally 



This lady appears in the Photograph of Church Corner 1900, near the top of the page. She appears to be reading a book sitting on a stool outside the gate of the Vicar's Garden (now the new cemetery). Who is she? Why is she sitting there? Maybe she is not real ! There must be a story but we are unlikely to ever know.