Parish Council

Mr Robin Leggate (Chairman, SALC Rep, Press Officer) 01728 668461 Email R Leggate

Mr Simon Manning (Vice Chairman & Planning Officer) 01728 668954 Email S Manning

Mrs Jasmine Backhouse (Tree Warden) 01728 668059 Email J Backhouse

Mr John Butler 01728 668486 Email J Butler

Mr Ernie Hare  01728 668199 

Mrs Jean Loveridge (Footpaths) 07949 263972

Mr Chris Poupard (Allotment & Emergency Officer) 01728 668351 Email C Poupard

Mr Keith Rolfe (Village Hall Rep) 01986 784680 Email K Rolfe

Mr Michael Simons (Sizewell Rep) 01728 668522 M Simons


Parish Clerk Mrs Caroline Cardwell 01986 781349 Email Clerk


District Councillor Mr Raymond Catchpole 01728 660562 Email R Catchpole

County Councillor Mr Michael Gower 01502 478267 Email M Gower

Full details and websites for these two Cllrs can be found on the Useful Info page of this site.


Darsham Parish Council is elected every four years. The next election will be in May 2019.

The Council consists of 9 Councillors and a Parish Clerk.

They hold their meetings on the second Tuesday of each month except August and December in the Village Hall, The Street. They normally start at 7.30pm unless otherwise stated on the agenda which is published on this website about 7 days prior to the meeting. Further copies of agenda and minutes are displayed on the council notice boards on Coronation Square and in front of Granary Cottages.

Darsham Emergency Plan

The Parish Council have provided each household in the village a copy of the Emergency plan. It give contacts at time of emergency and other general advice

Darsham Village Plan

The plan has evolved out of the village review which was held in October 2011. The review was attended by 72 residents (25% of the electoral role). A number of issues and concerns were expressed. The Parish Council and The Village Plan Committee have attempted to address these. The Plan gives a picture of Darsham at the start of 2013 and seeks to look at possible changes over the next 5 years. The village review was facilitated by Suffolk A.C.R.E