Pictorial Record of the construction of the Village Hall and Green

Early 2018 saw the begining of construction of a new village hall for Darsham. The old village hall, a coverted WW1 hut had come to the end of its life. Many plans had been looked into over the previous 20 years or so but a solution was found when a free hall was offered by surrounding landowners which would include a small housing delelopment.

Below is a pictorial record of the construction of this hall and surrounding houses.

Foundations for the hall dug (17th April 2018)

Cement poured (18th April 2018)

Plots 4-7 Damp proof Level

A start on the back wall of the hall (28th April 2018)

The Land that will become to Village Green

Plots 4-7  (7th May 2018)

The Hall rising above ground level  (12th May 2018)

Plots 4 - 7 Scaffolding erected (4th June 2018)



Hall Drainage in place (4th June 2018)


Work on The Hall Base, Roadway and Footings (21st June 2018)







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